Une Table dans le Maquis stems from our ambition to combine travel and gastronomy, based on a direct sourcing model; travelling without relying on middlemen, making sure that enchantment is at every turn. We develop a sustainable, responsible tourism that benefits both travelers and local actors.


• Specialist of Corsica, the Var & the Alpes-Maritimes
• Fully independent
• Customised meals and holidays, based on your profile

Une Table dans le Maquis relies on our specialised knowledge to offer an unlimited choice of sites. Our knowledge of the sites has been perfected with time, through the professional world of cooking and our personal passion. We are fully independent, working outside large-scale tourism franchises. The farmers, restaurant owners and producers we work with are above all people whom we know well, who are passionate, and with whom we are eager to share. 

The Provence region, Corsica, Japan and Siberia boast an exceptional heritage and beautiful wilderness, encased between sea and mountain, forged with wind and time, and provide an infinite field of exploration. Through their wealth, they will instil the sense of peregrination, far away from the daily bustle. At every turn, they offer the possibility of being surprised, of renewed astonishment. 

“Meeting Paul was super nice experience! It is something much more than making the meal together - it was cultural trip, with interesting stories about local places and history, about farmers and their job [...]. You can not read those things from the books, only from locals! [...] Highly reccomend for food lovers and travelers who like to see deeper than tourist places!”

Evija, from Latvia

Une Table dans le Maquis wants to add the pleasure of eating to your travel experience, based on a similar model of authenticity, sharing and happiness. He lays his Table in a site that nature tells him would be a nice place to spend some time, without signposting or advertisements. From the grain to the plate. From the sea to the Mountain. Une Table dans le Maquis lets time follow its course, for a unique and customised experience


Who am I?

Behind the table in the maquis looms your guide and chef, Paul. A former journalist and French professor at the University of Baikal (Irkutsk, Russian Federation), I decided in 2013 to trade my piece of chalk for a knife.


Having attended the Ferrandi school, I then had the opportunity of furthering my training at the Astrance (*** Michelin) in Paris, where cuisine and products are at the heart of every consideration. I learned that our senses can be sharpened to determine the sequence of actions and the quantities, with the elegance and bubbly curiosity that characterise the work of Chef M. Barbot.

Marked by this experience, I went off to discover techniques and histories, in France, Italy, Russia and Japan. In the kitchens of the Hyo Tei (*** Michelin, Kaiseki cuisine in Kyoto) and of the Elsa (* Michelin, Italian cuisine with French touches in Monaco). In markets, on the side of roads In Eastern Siberia, Armenia, Adjara (Georgia), Xinjiang (Western China), Hong Kong...

When I returned to France, I decided to take up residence in the Alpes-Maritimes for its incredible wealth, its incomparable luminosity, its varied landscapes and its high-quality produce. The terrain allows for sites of absolute silence located just minutes away from busy areas. It also allows for unspoilt nature. All you need is to touch the earth to get an idea of the soil’s fertility, or to take a bite of a fruit to understand the exceptional character of the land’s morphology, filled with terraced plots that blend in harmoniously with the exceptional surroundings. 


From the simple sandwich to the more complex dish, from the sea to the mountain, unique sophistication is the common element. My intention is to share a moment of pleasure, at the table, in a beautiful landscape! To discover tools, craftsmen, suppliers. Because “eating” is a way of discovering and understanding the world and its inhabitants. Because “eating” is a gift of the World.



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